Alkaline Trio, a well known darker punk band from Chicago, IL have finally released a new record after five years! Their 9th studio album titled Is This Thing Cursed? was just released via Epitaph Records and includes 13 new tracks. The album was produced and mixed by the popular Cameron Webb (Hawthorne Heights, Silverstein, Disturbed, etc). While in the studio the band claimed that as songs started coming together that these songs cross paths with Maybe I’ll Catch Fire (2000) so they feel this record will please many of their old school fans.


  1. Is This Thing Cursed?
  2. Blackbird
  3. Demon and Devision
  4. Little Help?
  5. I Can’t Believe
  6. Sweet Vampires
  7. Pale Blue Ribbon
  8. Goodbye Fire Island
  9. Stay
  10. Heart Attacks
  11. Worn So Thin
  12. Throw Me To the Lions
  13. Krystalline

The band has also been touring since early August along the East Coast but will be headed towards the West Coast this October! So check out the new record as well as the remaining tour dates below!






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