One of our all time punk favorite’s, Anti-Flag will be releasing their brand new albumĀ 20/20 Vision on January 17th! They have released a few tracks from this new dime already and we love them all. “The Disease” is no exception and hits just as hard. One thing that we love about this band and their music is that they have always been on the forefront of lyrically relentless progressive punk rock music- introducing young people from all backgrounds to issues affecting our world.

Anti-Flag bassist/vocalist, Chris #2 talked about the new song and said, ” In a moment of the largest wealth divide in history, these people do see the poor as a disease, a plague on their society. The neoliberalism and globalization that has led us here is causing people to see their neighbors, immigrants, refugees as their enemies and has propped up false populists to power. Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, the AFD, these people are not anti-establishment, they’re millionaires and billionaires who have so little in common with real people. As we face another chapter in the endless war, politicians send the poor, young men and women to fight, kill, and die as cannon fodder for their war based economies. This song is a call to have soldiers all over the globe, lay down their weapons. Refuse to fight in unjust wars for corporate greed. To see that at this moment we have far more in common with the people of Iran than we do the perpetrators of the propaganda that they are our enemies. ”

Check out the new music video here and be sure to check out the new album on Jan 17!



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