Fearless Records band, As It Is, have not only announced an upcoming tour, but have released what people have said to be the band’s “heaviest and darkest” release yet.

The video for “The Reaper” is complete with horror themed inspiration of dusty dark rooms, blood, anger, and guest vocalist, Aaron Gillespie (Underoath). Gillespie appears in the video as an antagonist at the very end. Ben Langford-Bass, a guitarist of As It is, says, ” Both the song and the video are so different to anything we’ve done before, and we’re so fortunate that our fans have embraced the darker and heavier side of our band and our constant desire to progress in new directions.”

The guys are excited to bringĀ The Great Depression, their 2018 release on tour to a city near you so be sure to check out their upcoming tour dates with Point North and other artists TBA.


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