Right before the holidays, December 13th, alternative pop group, Ashland, released their sophomore album Over The Moon via Rise Records. The new album is great, but we do feel it has a different vibe than their previous debut Wildfire that they released in 2017. While the album still has an alternative rock sound we do feel the way the vocals on this record our brought lend itself a little more on the pop side of things. It kind of brings me back to listening to Christina Grimmie, Skye Sweetnam and some Hey Monday.

On the new album the band shared, “We are so excited to finally share Over The Moon with the world! We faced a lot of challenges and heart ache during the making of this album, but we’re thankful that we were able to pour all of those emotions into a collection of songs that will remain close to our hearts forever. Over The Moon has a lot of moods and feelings throughout – the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Kind of like the ups and downs of the songs in this album, Ashland got their name from a story that vocalist Asia Marie’s grandma once told her. Asia described that it was about “an old town that had been burned down by a fire and was renamed Ashland once it was rebuilt. We love the idea of beauty and growth coming from pain and struggle, and I think it really connects with the whole spirit of our band.”

Over The Moon features 10 new tracks all about anxiety, relationships, loss, and growth. The track listing includes:

  1. I Hate That
  2. Over The Moon
  3. Motivation
  4. No Place
  5. Ghost
  6. Get To Know You
  7. Omg
  8. Think You Know Me
  9. I Don’t Mind
  10. Gotta Go

Also be sure to check out their brand new music video for “Omg” here:



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