We wanted to take the time to feature an artist you may not have gotten the chance to listen to yet, but feel like you should check out! August Brodie is an Ontario based alternative rock solo artist with some pop and hip-hop influences throughout his music.

Over the summer he released a few tracks with his latest release being “killing me”. The song addresses the uncertainties everyone can feel in life and in relationships, but with an upbeat feel that we know would fit right into today’s mainstream radio sound because it’s perfectly catchy in every aspect.

“I’m at a point in my life where I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, and it’s killing me literally…I think so many people act like they have it figured all out, but there’s an uncertainty in there somewhere that maybe this isn’t the right path, whether that is in your love life or life’s path in general. That’s why I wrote ‘killing me’. So many people are scared to do what they love and I think thats f***ed up. Go do what you love so that when you’re older looking back you can’t regret you didn’t,” Brodie said.

We all question ourselves at some point in what we are doing or hope for more or just to do better. August Brodie is just laying what everyone else has felt out on the table.

He started off as a hip-hop artist, but with his talents he is able to bring several music genre influences into his sound to create a very versatile musical portfolio. Some sample artists that his songs bring to mind for us include anyone from old school T. Mills and Blackbear vibes to a more modern sound like The Summer Set.

Check out his latest track “killing me” here:


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