Four Year Strong has always had their own unique sound blend of hardcore with pop punk and they definitely bring that same perfection to their new album, Brain Pain. The new album dropped today with 12 new songs via Pure Noise Records.

The riffs they have going in “Talking Myself in Circles” and “Learn to Love the Lie” will be sure to have you jumping at shows. Those are probably our favorites from this album until we reach a more subtle but honest track titled “Be Good When I’m Gone”.

This album in it’s entirety had a lot of time and effort put into it. According to the guys they started thinking about what concepts and ideas they had for this album around 2 years ago and actually been bringing those thoughts to life for the past year-and-a-half.

“I think that from a lyrical perspective this is the most thought we’ve ever put into a record,” stated Dan O’Connor (vocals/guitar).


  1. It’s Cool
  2. Get out of My Head
  3. Crazy Pills
  4. Talking Myself in Circles
  5. Learn to Love the Lie
  6. Brain Pain
  7. Mouth Full of Dirt
  8. Seventeen
  9. Be Good When I’m Gone
  10. The Worst Part About Me
  11. Usefully Useless
  12. Young at Heart

If you love artists like A Day To Remember and Neck Deep we recommend this artist for you! And they’ve got plenty of music for you to listen to since this is their fifth full length album!

Please check out their latest music video that they released yesterday for “Get Out of My Head” here.

Also be sure to check the guys out on tour now with Silverstein!!



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