The alternative pop punk group, Gold Steps, hailing straight from the Texas music capital has just released a new single/music video for a song called “Empty Space”. Front woman, Liz Mauritz, wrote the song around the loss of her grandfather.

In reference to the new single, Liz says: Seeing my grandmother cope with my grandfather passing devastated me; their marriage was the bar I set for my own, and I can’t imagine losing my other half. The pain of losing a loved one is universal, and ‘Empty Space’ is about the aftermath and anguish of life moving on while you’re stuck in the cycle of grief.”

Liz shows a very vulnerable side in this music video as she portrays the person who is going through the loss of a significant other. In this case the person she is missing is her husband- guitarist of the band, Zach Duarte. Yes, the two are actually married in real life as well and also met each other through the power of music.

Many of us have felt the loss of a friend or family member or even the love of our life. It is a pain that can be compared to nothing else. Gold Steps brings you this song to remind you that you are not alone in your grief.

Watch the music video below:


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