This year has been a great year of music and the latest album, Generation Rx, from Good Charlotte is absolutely no exception!! Vocals that hit you like a brick of truth, guitar chords that linger in your mind, and words that will follow you and make you think about things that maybe you haven’t in a while. Or maybe you have thought of these things, and this album is something that helps you know you aren’t alone.

Most recently, on October 25th, Good Charlotte released another music video- this time for their song, “Self Help”, off their Generation Rx record. The song says, “I want what I want, I always have. When no one cared about me, dreams were all I had. But nightmares grow and no one’s listening…” As the music video continues you will see the main character grow and work on himself and what he wants to become and achieve. Maybe these are things we can all do for ourselves…to want something and to realize that we deserve those things and are capable of achieving it if we don’t defeat ourselves first.

Check out the music video for “Self Help” here:

Be sure to check out their other music videos from this year including ones for “Prayers” and “Actual Pain”!

Good Charlotte is currently on tour with Sleeping With Sirens, and Knuckle Puck and have the following dates remaining:

Nov. 4- Chicago, IL

Nov. 6- Minneapolis, MN

Nov. 7- Kansas City, MO

Nov. 9- Oklahoma City, OK

Nov. 10- San Antonio, TX

Nov. 11- Dallas, TX

Nov. 12- Houston, TX

Nov. 14- Denver, CO

Nov. 15- Salt Lake City, UT

Nov. 16- Garden City, ID

Nov. 17- Portland, OR

Nov. 18- Seattle, WA

Nov. 20- San Fransisco, CA

Nov. 21- Los Angeles, CA

Nov. 23- Phoenix, AZ

Nov. 24- Las Vegas, NV


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