Yesterday Hands Like Houses released a new music video for their fan-favorite track “Sick”.

The new video features them riding around in an old convertible around the Mojave. Apparently “Sick” is also a top track for vocalist Trenton Woodley who is also very excited about the video and had a lot of fun shooting it.

When commenting on the song content, Woodley shared, ” I think everyone knows the feeling of being taken advantage of- especially when you put yourself out there for someone, to have them want more, without even properly acknowledging what you gave them in the first place. Sometimes you can walk away, and other times you just have to take it in your stride because you’re focused on something bigger. Entitlement is bull****, but that’s when you have to remember, with a wry grin, that other people don’t control you.”

“Sick” is the 4th single from their recent album- Anon. The record was released last fall via Hopeless Records and was produced by Colin Brittain (Papa Roach, 5 Seconds of Summer, and One OK Rock).

Check out the new music video here:


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