Today New Found Glory started their band and fan interactive New Found Glory Pinheads Club! The band is always looking for new ways for themselves and fans to connect and get conversation going. Modeled after the Disney World Pin Traders fad, members of the club can collect pins and trade with other Pinheads they meet at work, school, or shows.

Upon joining the club , each member will receive their official membership pin, a New Found Glory lanyard and a “mystery pin” to get their collection going. The club plans to release new pins every month for members to collect in addition to exclusive NFG tour pins.

If you think you’re a “Pinhead” and you are interested in joining you may want to consider signing up this week! For Black Friday week they are offering sign up at a 10% discount through Cyber Monday. For more information go to

In other news we are awaiting their long desired new EP. There is no current release date yet, but fans have already learned that the EP will include hits like “The Power of Love”, “Eye of the Tiger”, and “Let It Go” and several other great covers.

Stay tuned!


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