Mark Hoppus (Blink- 182) and Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low) announced the project they have been working on together under the name Simple Creatures.

Their first song, “Drug”, is officially out now on their first EP. However, other songs will be released with the rest of EP1 on an unknown date in March of this year! What a sweet surprise for fans to wake up to! The guys have not stated a lot of other information, but rather are remaining mysterious for now.

However, they have stated that they are looking to release EP2 at some point in the summer (also at an unknown date) to fall between a new Blink-182 release and an All Time Low release. Following this, but nothin confirmed, they stated they would also be interested in taking this on the road potentially in Fall 2019!

As soon as we know more info and can update you on dates and more songs we certainly will! This is a group that is right up our alley so we will be keeping a close eye!

For now, just enjoy the new music produced by these amazing artists and stay tuned!



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