Hailing from Baltimore, MD the band Adjust The Sails is bringing new acoustic tunes with a fun beat for you with a hard sense of realism and relatability in their lyrics. This Indie/Alternative band released an EP this year titled I’m Not Okay, But It’s Okay as well as an additional single called “Mike Walton”.

The single “Mike Walton” is their top song on Apple Music right now. With a fun beat and lyrics that resonate with those in their mid 20’s+ it’s sure to keep grabbing more people’s attention. With lyrics like, “I can’t get out of my bed or even out of my own head unless I’m on my way to work or to dinner with my mom. I miss my friends. I never get to see them. They don’t come over. Oh please, just come over” many people can connect with it in their daily routine and the lyrics are catchy and easy to sing along to.

Their EP I’m Not Okay, But It’s Okay released this year features 5 songs that areopen and honest about relationships, growing up, life, and death.


  1. I Don’t Miss You, Just The Sex (I Still Hate you)
  2. Ashley
  3. Sanity (I’m Not Okay)
  4. Last Song For You
  5. Meet Kyle (Sanity, Pt. 2)



If you’ve ever enjoyed bands like Bayside, Secondhand Serenade, Spill Canvas, or acoustic songs from Brand New than this Indie duo might be something for you to look into. The duo consists of Shane Hurst (vocals/guitar) and Steven Haller (Drummer).

Last, but not least, listening to them will help someone out there struggling with addiction. After writing more songs this year they became part of the Skylife Records family started by David Ringwood. Ringwood’s twin brother lost his life to addiction earlier this year so he set it up so that 70% of proceeds from streams and purchases will go to the Philadelphia Offices of Addiction Services.

Be sure to check these guys out now!



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