Our New Music Monday is not new to the scene, in fact they are pretty experienced musicians! But they may be new to your ears! If you are fans of Story of the Year and Maybe Today, you may want to check out St. Louis, MO based alternative stadium-ready rock band Greek Fire. The sound lends itself to a more classic rock/alternative vibe than Story of the Year, but we have our reason and you may or may not know. The line up includes Johnny Venus (Drums), Mark Joseph Roth (Bass), Ryan Phillips (guitar), and Philip Sneed (vocals). This group has been labeled “stadium-ready” because their music offers such a large sound that is obvious and apparent as soon as you start listening. The track “The Ride” is a great example of this. And in case you didn’t notice Ryan Phillips and Philip Sneed’s names before or thought they seemed familiar, yes, they were guitarists in the band Story of the Year before bringing this group to the public in 2010 with their first EP.

In recent, the band has  recently released their first new EP since 2014 titled Orientation. The new EP features 5 tracks:

  1. The Ride
  2. One Girl
  3. Running Away
  4. Diana’s Car
  5. Abandon Ship

Check out the hard hitting music video for the single “The Ride” that was also recently released here:




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