Today we are bringing you something new we will be offering. We frequently get updates about new bands or bands that deserve some exposure so we have decided to start a “New Music Monday” as often as possible (will be aiming for weekly).

Today we wanted to talk to you about two bands from the Rhode Island area that both bring different things to the table.

The first band we want to discuss is a punk band called Senior Discount. If you are fans of bands like Sum 41, Anti- Flag, and popular 90’s punk bands than this a band worth checking out. This summer they got signed with Paper + Plastic Records via Less Than Jake ┬ádrummer, Vinnie Fiorello, and also released their new album ” The Best Revenge”. The album has a lot of fun punk tracks such as “Cindy”, “Explode Rhode Island”, and “Ataxia”. The song “Cindy” offers more of a pop-punk vibe while “Ataxia” definitely gives us a raw and grungy style of punk that we feel bands like the Sex Pistols would have appreciated. And we are sure that “Explode Rhode Island” is a live hit in their hometown! Because who doesn’t love exploding and freaking out at a show? This is a fun album overall and worth taking a listen to if your driving around and looking for a fun punk vibe. They have shared stages with Sum 41, Anti-Flag, The Ataris, Less Than Jake, Gym Class Heroes, etc! So we know they have plenty to offer live. Check out the full album on Apple Music.

The next Rhode Island band we wanted to talk to you about is called Silica. Silica offers a more synthesized/indie/punk vibe and is brought to you by lead female vocalist, Lauren Cloutier. She released the first full album Genesis in October of 2017 and started performing live sets with friends or strangers until the group became what it is today- now including Mario, Andrew R., and Andrew L and played their first performance all together on St. Patrick’s day of this year. We would have to say our top 3 songs from this album are the last 3 of the record including “Wind-up Doll”, “Canine Clothing”, and “Cardinal”. We feel that the album would be best seen live while out with friends while you have some drinks given its indie tendencies and relaxed but punk vibe. Also if you enjoy girl/boy duets (we know we do) take a listen to “Cardinal”, an acoustic song to finish out the release. Be sure to check out the album now on Apple Music.

We dig both sounds, but understand what a difference they both bring to the table. Rhode Island seems to be offering a lot on the music scene so keep your eyes open!



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