It has been a long time coming after reading different tweets, posts, articles, etc over the years about how Hayley Williams feels about the song “Misery Business” as an adult, but for some, it is still a shock. If you have been a long time fan of Paramore this may not be news you want to hear. A few nights ago on stage Hayley Williams announced that they will be retiring “Misery Business” from their live set for “a long time.” She has said the song was something she wrote when she was 17 years old and does not relate to it now as she did back then. Even in May of 2017 on twitter she stated “amazing how much ppl *can* change. (mostly within). happy 10 years Miz Biz, u backward-minded lil rascal! & thank you for the life lessons.”

Hayley and Paramore have come a long way over their years and the music has changed in more ways than one. While some fans will be sad to hear this news, we know their most loyal fans will grow and stay with them and continue to go see the band they love.

Below is a video with the band sending the song off for the last time and giving a few words about it.



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