Recently finishing up a tour with Slaves and Escape The Fate, Picturesque have really had a spectacular year. Who doesn’t want to end a good year on an ever higher note? The band has just released their new single “Pray” via Equal Vision Records. 

The subject matter of this song is something all too many can relate to going into the holiday season and in to 2019.

” ‘Pray’ is about getting out of a long term relationship to find out the dating world has changed. Dating app culture has taken over and it can be lonely- instead of getting the emotional connection you crave, it’s all about physical attention….For me, it became a vicious cycle, ending up with the wrong person, trying to beat the loneliness but only becoming more lonely in the end,” said lead singer Kyle Hollis. 

This new single also comes with a haunting and relatable music video. It is definitely a reminder that even sometimes when you are trying to move on it can be difficult if you feel like your previous significant is other is still there haunting you and standing over you day to day despite trying to move on and forget about that person. See the music video here:


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