Ashland has officially signed to Rise Records! The St.Louis duo released a three-song visual EP titled “MISC” which is a ten-minute long track of whimsical and emotive pop rock meant to bring you into the world of the new songs all at once.

The band explains, “Instead of doing individual music videos, we decided to bringĀ misc to life by creating an entire world around it. The videos tell the story of a woman trying to escape from the hold of an authoritarian government that sees her strength and wisdom as a threat. The songs were inspired by real life struggles that many of us face every day such as depression, anxiety, abuse, and discrimination. So it was important that the videos conveyed a message of courage and hope within a creative visual element.”

“Always Something”, the first part of the three-song visual, we feel will resonate with a lot of listeners as the artist discusses not being able to run away forever and that you just have to face the mistakes you’ve made. Something we should all think about.

You can watch the entire video below, let us know what you think!



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