Deeply written and self-reflecting Canadian musicians Selfish Things have released their new EP Logos//Alternate Versions. The band released their first full length album Logos in the fall of 2019 with songs that came out with a punch and an eerie sense of self-worth and reflection like the personal journey we are all going on. With songs like “Pride”, “Synaptic”, and “Crutch” all making us think about our self worth, we can’t help but continue to wonder what else this band can make us think about or wonder.

In an interview we had with Alex Biro (lead vocals) back in November 2019 he said, “I think self-worth is important to just exist. I feel like we all kind of feel like that. Finding it…it’s kind of like a snowflake. The individual journey of like whose…or why are you important? Why the fuck do I matter? I still wonder why the fuck I matter. But I think that’s both healthy and unhealthy simultaneously.”

Selfish Things hit #2 Alternative New Artist on the Billboard with their Logos record and now we get to enjoy 3 of the tracks from that record as well as one new cover on this Alternate Versions EP. The new versions will take you to an even more emotional place on these tracks that already hit home for a lot of people. For us in particular “Torn” is particularly difficult to listen to but in such a beautiful and introspective way. The track originally featured Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath, but now features Biro on his piano with extra orchestral music and an overall haunting feel that we can’t get enough of.

Logos//Alternate Versions includes 4 tracks:

  1. Flood (Alternate Version)
  2. Crutch (Alternate Version)
  3. Torn (Alternate Version)
  4. Stupid Deep ft. First Ghost and Rosalind DeLost (cover)

“Stupid Deep” originally by Jon Bellion is a new cover for the band. The cover seems just perfect for this group and also gives us a more conclusive feeling to everything they put out for Logos. Throughout the entire original record there is a lot of self-questioning and doubt and yes…sadness. This cover almost brings a new kind of sadness but in a happier light. With words like “What if who I hoped to always be was always me? And the love I fought to feel was always free?” Songs will always be interpreted differently by each person, but for us…we feel like this was a nice close on this chapter to Logos and to Logos//Alternate Versions.

Well done guys. As always.


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