Summer 2020 has not brought a lot of good times for many people this year due to COVID-19, but leave it to the girlfriends duo to bring you the catchy chorus and beats that have you hooked right away in order to brighten up these isolating summer days with none other than their new debut single, “California” that they released today!

The new duo, girlfriends, includes Travis Mills (aka T. Mills) and Nick Gross. These guys could not make a more perfect pair in regards to their musical backgrounds and energy levels for what they have come to make together today. The new single, “California”, a song discussing the highs and lows of our beautiful west coast will have you hitting the replay button over and over again.

“This song is a tribute to where we grew up. I have seen LA eat and spit people out and I’ve seen it make some incredible things happen. There is such a duality to this amazing place,” shared Mills.

Both musicians grew up in California and have seen the positive and negative things that come with living there and the things you see and grow from. Luckily for both of them, their talents were noticed very early on. Mills wrote and recorded catchy emo hip-hop/rap as a young teen and posted the songs on MySpace only to be picked up with a record deal at a young age and great start. Also in his teens, Gross was noticed for his percussion skills in a pop punk band called Open Air Stereo that had a long running feature in one of MTV’s Laguna Beach seasons. That band was then picked up with their own major label contract. The rest is history.

Both members have gone through a lot in recent time and were looking for a new project to breathe life into. This group was inspired by artists like blink-182, 5 Seconds of Summer, The 1975, Phoenix, and All Time Low. In the end though, the guys have created a sound that is uniquely all their own and we can’t wait for more!

Listen to their new debut single, “California” here:


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