Waterparks has officially announced a release date for their third-full length album (first with Hopeless Records). The new album titled FANDOM will be out October 11 and will hold back nothing! Having the blunt honesty of Awsten Knight combined with producer Zakk Cervini (Good Charlotte and Beartooth) we are certain every song will be a hit with listeners.

To announce the release date with a bang, Waterparks has also gifted listeners with an early release to one of the songs on the upcoming album. The new song “Watch What Happens Next” was made to measure the hypocrisy of fandom and success and the struggle to burst past the shackles of labels, genres, and our cultures. These guys are each their own person and how they feel should not be taken lightly.

We have already seen many amazing fan reactions to the new song release in addition to previously released ¬†song “Turbulent”. The two new songs offer a new vibe and sound, but are Waterparks songs through and through.

Watch the new music video for “Watch What Happens Next” and see the frustrations that Knight is obviously conveying in the video. Artists were made to create and change and grow. Always remember these things and don’t try to make your artists something they aren’t. It’s been receiving a lot of attention all over so we are sure you will love it! Watch the video here:


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