Scottish pop punk act Woes has released their debut album Awful Truth  and are coming out strong and diverse with their new music. Inspired by pop punk, hip hop, and R&B the group bring a lot of contrasting sounds to this record. This record was brought to you with the bands own experience along side well acclaimed producer Seb Barlow.

“It tells the story of leaving a relationship that has been good in the past, but isn’t anymore…The cathartic feeling of knowing you’ve moved on, and you don’t want to go back. You’re over it, it’s in the past, you’re done…” explained vocalist DJ.

We definitely pick up some Broadside/Neck Deep/Waterparks vibes from this new record. We highly recommend checking out this new music since it offers such a variety of genres, but still remains true to their pop punk sound overall. The band is also well liked and supported by bands like State Champs, Neck Deep, Seaway, and more! Our top 3 tracks for this album are “Fake Friends”, “Mess”, and “Awful Truth”.

Here is a video for their single “Suburbs” just to give you a taste of what these guys bring to the table. We have a feeling they play a good live set!



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